Current Items Needed for Victims

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Please take your donations to the Eve’s Treasures Thrift Store in Sun City

We are always in need of items to distribute to our victims. Remember, our victims are Women, Children and now Men.

Currently we need;

Food (remember not to buy in bulk sizes anymore)

Mac and Cheese                Pastas                        Cereal                        Chef Boyardee

‘Ready Bake’ meals            Rice                            Cheese                       Milk

Fresh or frozen Fruit and Vegetables                Beans (pinto, great northern, etc)

*Snack pack food – individual serving bags of chips, pretzels, crackers, juice boxes

House hold items

Paper towels                        Toilet paper                        Laundry Soap                        Cleaning supplies

Gift Cards

Gas Cards                             Movie theater (field trips)            Fast Food (any denomination)

Walmart(any denomination)


Sewing club to make cloth totes

Cookers Clubs to make Casseroles/pre-made frozen meals

For Christmas Program needs list, Click Here

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