Eve’s Journal – Fall 2012

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Another day has passed and every day I learn something. They really encourage us to grow and become independent and employed. Tonight I was talking to one of the other residents and she was really excited about what all was happening with her son. I know you will enjoy hearing it also.

As a parent of child in school and living in a safe house it can be really difficult and scary for not only me but my son. I was really surprised to find out that every school-aged child gets an entire new outfit for the first day of school. They said that they do it for every child that comes to live here no matter when they start school because it is still their first day of school. How cool is that. This really helps my son and all the other children have more self-confidence and feel special. What really pleased me is that I don’t have to come up with any money for clothes or school supplies.

The Youth Advocate scheduled a shopping day with me and my son and all the other parents and children and then we got to go shopping. My son got to pick out his own clothes. He had so much fun picking out his clothes and shoes. I think he had the most fun picking out the underwear and socks because he thought that was funny since he had never done that before. After we got back he got to pick out his backpack from the ones donated and all of the school supplies he would need. I was overwhelmed with all that they provided and I asked how Eve’s Place was able to do this.

The Youth Advocate told me that the Board of Directors hold an annual event where community members can drop off gift cards, cash, backpacks and school supplies for all of the children to use. This happens just before the school year begins each year. The money and gift cards are used to purchase the clothes and shoes and most of the school supplies are donated.

I hope everyone knows how much this means to the parents but especially the kids.

Wasn’t this a great story, it is always nice to hear the good things.


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