Safety Tips

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Safety Tips

What do I do if I am being threatened or attacked? 

  • Stay away from the kitchen (the abuser can find weapons).
  • Keep an emergency fund of cash or access to an ATM that he abuser does not know about.
  • Stay away from any small spaces (like bathrooms, closets, attics, etc.) where the abuser can trap you.
  • Get to a room with a door or window to escape.
  • Get to a room with a phone to call for help; lock the abuser outside if you can.
  • Call 911 (or your local emergency number) right away for help; get the dispatcher’s name.
  • Plan ahead–think of a neighbor or friend you can run to for help, even if it is only transportation to somewhere else.
  • If a police officere comes, tell him/her what happened; get his/her NAME & BADGE NUMBER.
  • Take pictures of bruises or injuries

If you are thinking about leaving the relationship:

  • If you leave the relationship or are thinking of leaving, you should take important papers and documents with you to enable you to apply for benefits or take legal action.
  • Important papers you should take include social security cards and birth certificates for you and your children, your marriage license, leases or deeds in your name or both yours and your partner’s names, your checkbook, your charge cards, bank statements and charge account statements, insurance policies, proof of income for you and your spouse (pay stubs or W-2′s), and any documentation of past incidents of abuse (photos, police reports, medical records, etc.)

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